Dogs & Kids

To honor my mom–the ultimate dog fan–I’m linking to a wonderful article about a program in Missouri that helps shy dogs come out of their shells. You can read the uplifting article here. Sometimes it’s the little things. Enjoy your day!


photo credit: via photopin (license)

Dogs and Love

I had to click on this article about how dogs tell you they love you because I’m totally in love with my dogs. It’s pretty common sense, but the pictures are worth a look.

The article inspired me to post some pictures of my own dogs and the faces they make when they show me and my family how much they love us. I hope you enjoy!

Stares at you: Eyes

Trusts you completely: sand


Sleeps with you: snuggle

Looks at you quietly: justin

Uses eyes and body language: both

Leans into you: lean

Protects you: lay

Comforts you: love