Sometimes when one door closes, another door opens. When the ladies of Women Unplugged (me included) decided to stop posting new content to our group blog, I had a decision to make.

Stop blogging or go it alone.

Some weeks I have a lot to say. I’ll see something on the news, hear something controversial, or read articles on the web that get me fired up and ready to write a blog and get the conversation flowing. I love a good debate, and most debates I start end with me learning something about myself, the world, and the other side of an argument. I love that.

While working on the group blog, before I let my fingers do the talking, I had to stop and think how my position on a certain topic would affect the other members. Would I offend someone? Probably. Would my post sound too political (a serious no-no on a group blog)? More than likely. Would the blog be something the others would feel comfortable sharing on social media? Often times, I doubted the others would post my blog to social media because it wouldn’t represent their point of view.

On those occasions the fire would die, and I’d sit staring at a blank screen trying to write something entertaining, engaging, and non-controversial. And most of those blogs were terrible.

My point of view is what makes me me. I don’t like censoring my views for public consumption any more than I like being politically correct. I personally think our PC culture is to blame for a lot of our country’s moral decline.

Having an opinion doesn’t make me right and it doesn’t make me wrong, it just makes me opinionated. And without an opinion, I’d have nothing to say.

Are there topics I don’t feel strongly about? Of course. I feel pretty neutral about women’s fashion, pizza toppings, and cars (other than my husband’s jeep). Those topics probably won’t grace the pages of my blog. But other topics probably will: love, marriage, relationships, writing, books, family, and pets.

I’m going to give myself some leeway as to what I blog about on my personal blog because I never know what’s going to stoke the fire. Some posts may simply link to another article that articulates my views perfectly. Other posts, I may drone on and on. Who knows?

Going it alone is scary because I’m not sure who, if anyone, will follow. But I’m willing to take a risk and take a stance on all kinds of issues. I’d be honored if you’d join me on the ride.


4 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Christy, I totally agree with you on this: “I personally think our PC culture is to blame for a lot of our country’s moral decline.” The idea of political correctness started out as a good one–people acting respectfully by considering how their words could harm others. But it’s devolved into an utter lack of respect: “How dare you say something that offends me?” In an effort not to offend (and people can be offended by absolutely anything–reading book reviews will demonstrate that pretty quickly), we stifle debate about serious issues. We take every single thing personally. We get angry, confrontational, and even abusive when someone challenges our point of view. We surround ourselves with people who share our beliefs, then congratulate ourselves on our superior way of thinking from the comfort of that echo chamber.

    I can’t wait to read your posts, Christy. Will I agree with everything you say? Probably not. But I admire and trust you, and I know I’ll be a better person for hearing your point of view. Good luck with the new blog!

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